Waterproof flooring could be just what you need

Why not look at waterproof flooring if you need beauty, protection, and personalization? These products cater to all these areas, with outstanding benefits. In addition, some of these modern advancements make it easier than ever to create your best floors.

If you've never experienced these floors, you might not know what you're missing. But you can find out everything you need to know to learn more. Then, when you're ready to explore, we're here to help you choose.

Enjoy the best visuals

Matching your decor is no problem with waterproof vinyl flooring. You'll see these materials mimic stone, tile, and hardwood flooring with impressive results. Enjoy colors and textures you might find in nature and bring them into your home.

Trends abound in this flooring line, especially in natural-looking materials. If it's trending in wood, you'll find it here, and the same goes for stone and tile. And these trends can keep you looking trending for years to come.

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Durability has many benefits

We all know that durable flooring protects you from wear and damage. And these floors have plenty of it. Besides complete imperviousness to water, waterproof flooring also guards against wear. As a result, you'll see fewer scratches, stains, and scuffs with these floors in place.

Durability leads to lifespan, so the more durable a floor covering, the longer it will last. With professional installation, these floors can last more than 20 years. And they're easy to care for and clean the whole time.

Is water-resistant and waterproof the same thing?

Water-resistant flooring can help protect your home from damage for up to 72 hours. And for some homeowners, that time limit is perfect. But for those who might be away from home often or have bigger messes, more protection helps.

You might need complete protection, including peace of mind against flood conditions. If that's your situation, waterproof floors are perfect. To find out what else they can do, learn more about them by visiting us.
Waterproof flooring in Story City, IA from Peterson's Floors

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At Peterson's Floors, we stock our inventory full of outstanding waterproof floors. And we cater to your service needs as well, including professional installation. So, be sure to share your dream flooring vision with us, and we'll be there for you.

Stop by our Story City, IA showroom today to find your perfect waterproof flooring. We'll work with you as we do for residents of Story City, IA, Ames, IA, Roland, IA, Nevada, IA, and Jewell, IA. Feel free to visit any time for your best flooring.