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Peterson’s Floors offers ceramic and porcelain tile flooring

When deciding on the type of tile customers want to purchase, they often express concern about the initial cost of ceramic and porcelain. What they overlook is the quality provided by ceramic and porcelain tile when it is properly installed. These tiles last a lifetime and require little ongoing maintenance. Ceramic and porcelain tile resist discoloring and stains, and are also allergen free. These tiles can be installed in moist areas and over most subfloors. Those characteristics make them suitable for nearly all settings.

Ceramic tile

The selection of ceramic tile is practically endless. Selection can be narrowed by the desired look to be achieved. For example, rustic, warm appearances can be created with a natural stone look.

Natural stone looking tiles are the most popular, and, therefore, available in the widest selection. The appearance is so realistic that it is often mistaken for natural stone. Just like natural stone, ceramic tile comes in a mixture of hues or shades of only one color. Other than imitation marble surfaces, the tile has a rugged surface.

A more formal, classy look is achieved with marbleized, high-gloss ceramic tile. This tile adds a touch of elegance. Aesthetics are not the only consideration. Elderly family members, anyone disabled, or active children, may find a marble-like tile to be extremely slippery. When wet a possible hazard that could result in a fall is therefore present.
Porcelain tile in Ames IA from Peterson's Floors

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tile is not the delicate flooring that you might expect when you think about porcelain being used for making china and figurines. Porcelain tile hardness is between that of ceramic and natural stone. Porcelain also resists water better than many other flooring options. It is easier to clean as well.

Porcelain tile is nearly as durable as stone. It is very dense and hard. Temperature extremes have no effect on porcelain tile. It can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. This tile does not need to be sealed, polished or waxed. Many textures and colors are available.

Customers from Roland, Gilbert, Jewell, Story City, and Ames can have the best of both worlds by choosing ceramic or porcelain tile from Peterson’s Floors. Modern technology has pushed the boundaries and created tiles that precisely replicate marble or natural stone.

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