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Wide Variety of Hardwood Choices Offered by Peterson’s Floors

Hardwood flooring is perhaps the most desirable and treasured element in home décor. Realtors can attest to the fact that homes with hardwood floors sell faster and at higher prices than those without. Beauty and warmth are added to the home that has a hardwood floor installation.

Peterson’s Floors can help with the selection, purchase, installation and care information for hardwood flooring. The selection includes solid, engineered, and exotic wood choices. A little information about each is provided here.

Solid hardwood

The mention of solid hardwood conjures up the image of strip red oak. Other common flooring species are white oak and maple hardwood. And more species of solid hardwood are available. A choice of several grades is offered by Peterson’s Floors. Each has its own visuals and price points. Flooring that is prefinished comes in nearly all stain colors and wood species. Wood is a product of nature. No two pieces are identical. It is recommended to purchase five to ten percent more than measurements dictate to allow for culling and cutting waste. Solid hardwood is moisture sensitive. It should only be installed above ground level.
Luxury hardwood flooring in Ames IA from Peterson's Floors IA from Peterson's Floors

Engineered hardwood

Quality engineered hardwood has three to twelve ply layers. They are layered crosswise before being glued, and then pressed together. The inner layers are made of hardwood, soft plywood, or a combination of the two. Along the edges a tongue-and-groove fastening system is incorporated. A thick hardwood veneer is glued and pressed onto the core’s top surface. Almost all wood species are available as engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is resistant to slightly higher or lower levels of moisture than solid hardwood. It can be used in regions having lower or higher relative humidity levels, or in damp basements.

Exotic hardwood

Beautiful, exotic hardwood gives a home a designer feel and look. As the name suggests, the collection comes from places across the globe such as Africa, Asia, and South America. Peterson’s Floors offers exotic hardwood with striking looks, unique grains, and vibrant colors. Exotic hardwood is suitable for more than an eclectic-inspired décor. Any space can be transformed into a beautiful room with an air of sophistication. Recommended species include Sapele, Acacia, and Brazilian Cherry. These varieties have rich coloration and unique grain patterns.

Customers from Ames, Gilbert, Jewell, Roland, and Story City will be pleased with the hardwood floor options Peterson’s Floors has to offer. We will help choose the variety that best meets your needs.

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